Frontend Uploads

The plugin supports front-end upload by using it with other popular form plugins or if you integrate it yourself by using the plugin’s PHP or Javascript APIs.

The following pages provide more details about the front-end integrations:

Chunked Uploads (with Progress bar)

The integrations listed above support chunked uploads with progress bar and this is generally the recommended way to handle uploads.

In GravityForms and WPForms, the fields are labeled as “Modern”, it provide a progress bar and the file is uploaded in smaller chunks.

By using chunked uploads we don’t need to adjust the PHP configuration like upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, max_execution_time or even web server (apache, nginx) settings because the chunks that are uploaded are less than 2mb which is always within the limits and the default configurations.

Classic Uploads

The Classic Upload consist of the HTML file type input. In short, this is very limited way to provide a nice UI and uploading that won’t hang.

The problem with Classic Uploads is if you want to upload large files, like 100MB+ per file, depending of the hosting you may experience problems because hosting companies tend to limit the maximum execution time and upload size because it is too resource heavy and everything is done in a single request.

Some hosting companies may allow setting long execution time or bump the post request/upload file sizes to Gigabytes, but most won’t.


Chunked uploads is clear winner, you get progress bar, upload is split in multiple requests by chunks, this means that the server won’t need to allocate lot of processing power to handle your upload.

When possible always use Chunked uploads instead of Classic Uploads. We generally recommend Classic Uploads for files under 50MB.