The plugin comes in two versions one is FREE – the base version and another is the PRO version that includes more features.

FREE Version

  • License Management (status, key, expiry, user, product, order, etc)
  • License Activations Management (Keeps track of where your software is activated, includes useful REST APIs for activation/deactivation and validation)
  • License Generators. Makes it possible to generate Licenses by specific rules (separator, chunks, length, allowed characters, prefix, suffix etc). Generators can be assigned to WooCommerce products and once customer purcahses the product, a license key(s) will be generated based on the Generator used.
  • WooCommerce Orders Integration (Automatically generate license keys based on pre-set order statuses in the Plugin Settings.)
  • WooCommerce MyAccount Integration (Overview of purchased licenses, adds “Licenses” tab in My Account. The purchased licenses also show in order details.
  • WooCommerce Emails Integration (Overview of purcahsed licenses in the Completed/Processing orders and also includes an option in admin order page to re-send license keys for specific product)
  • REST APIs for communication with the plugin data layer. Easily create, update, activate, deactivate and validate Licenses. Create and update Generators and also generate license keys based on specific number and Generator.
  • Import Licenses either with a CSV FILE or CLIPBOARD keys each in new line and select additional options like expiration date, etc.
  • Export Licenses from the Licenses screen either in a CSV FILE or PDF FILE. Exporting in CSV file allows you to select which columns to include.

PRO Version

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support. It extends existing license or generates new one upon subscription renewal based on your product settings.
  • Software and Releases management. Create software items and release items for each software item from the admin. The Software items are assigned to the products and software releases are displayed in the My account single License screen for downloads based on the License Validity.
  • Software details REST Endpoint to get information about specific software. This is useful if you want to perform update check from your premium software.
  • Software download REST Endpoint to download the latest release for specific software. This is useful if you want to provide updates for your software.
  • Activate or Deactivate the license as a Customer through My Account. For example if you activated the license from your Software, you can terminate the activation from the My Account page on your site.
  • Separate License page in My Account that shows list of historical Activations and Releases available for download and more information about the License.
  • Image with a written license key (Coming soon)
  • PDF Certificate with your license details (Coming soon)
  • [Suggest your own]