The following table shows the feature support in both FREE/PRO versions

Basic customer support
Priority die-hard customer support
License Management
License Revealing
Generator Management
Activation Management
Translation Ready
WooCommerce Products (Simple)
WooCommerce Products (Variable)
WooCommerce Subscriptions (Simple)
WooCommerce Subscriptions (Variable)
WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
My Account -> Licenses
My Account -> Single License -> Basic Details
My Account -> Single License -> License Certificates
My Account -> Single License -> Activations Table
My Account -> Single License -> Activations > Enable/Disable
My Account -> Single License -> Activations > Manual Activation
My Account -> Single License -> Activations > Delete
My Account -> Single License -> Software Downloads
My Account -> Register License
My Account -> Single Order -> License Details
WooCommerce Emails -> Order Confirmation
WooCommerce Emails -> Resend Licenses Email
Admin -> Orders -> License Details
Obscuring / Masking Licenses
Shortcodes & Blocks
Software -> Frontend -> Product Details
Software > Admin
Software > REST API
Software Release > Download REST API
Software Release > Update Check REST API
Integrations -> WooCommerce Subscriptions
Integrations -> Subscriptions for WooCommerce
Integrations -> WPML
Integrations -> PDF Invoices & Packaging Slips
Libraries -> PHP Library
Libraries -> Python Library
Libraries -> .NET Library
Libraries -> WordPRess Plugin Updater & Checker
Feature Comparison