A generator represents set of rules for generating a License(s).

For instance, for some products you sell you may need numeric License keys to be generated and for other products, you may need license keys from a limited set of characters which are separated by specific character and each chunk contains N number of characters and the whole key is consisted of N chunks.

This is doable with Generators.

Figure 1 – Generators Table Screen

Creating Generators

To create a Generator you need to navigate to “License Manager > Generators > Add New”. Just fill-up the form and save it, you are done.

Figure 2 – Add new Generator

Editing Generators

To update a Generator you will need to navigate to “License Manager > Generators > Edit”. Modify it with your new settings.

Figure 3 – Editing Generator

Generating Licenses (on the go)

To generate N licenses based on specific Generator, you can navigate to “License Manager > Generators > Generate” and follow the options on the page.

Figure 4 – Generate Licenses screen

Assigning Generators to Products

It is possible to assign specific generator to specific Product, so once the product is purchased the customer will receive license generated using the assigned generator.

Note: One Generator can be assigned to unlimited products.

Figure 4 – Assign existing generator