If you want to sell Licences through WooCommerce, you will need to create a Product and navigate to the “License Manager” tab where you will be able to configure your settings.

Simple Products

For “Simple Product” you can access this setting directly in “License Manager”.

Figure 1 – Simple Product

Variable Products

For “Variable Product” you can access this setting in variation edit screen.

Figure 2 – Variable product “License Manager” tab
Figure 2 – Variable product variation edit

Front-End Display

Since the products are linked to the Software items via the “Software product” field in the “License Manager” Tab, we can display the Software item data into the Single product page. The following meta data is displayed on the product page based on the Software item/releases.

  • Latest release info – Version and Publish date of the latest release (under “Add to Cart”)
  • Gallery -> Screenshots (Tab)
  • Documentation (Tab)
  • Support (Tab)