Plugin installation should be a quick and easy process and you can follow the steps below for any version you use:

Free Version

  1. Go to “Plugins > Add New” page
  2. Search for “Digital License Manager
  3. Click Install and afterwards activate

or alternatively

  1. Download it from here
  2. Go go “Plugins > Add” page
  3. Click on “Upload Plugin” button and upload the file

Pro Version

  1. Assuming that you purchased it, login to your account here
  2. Navigate to “My Account > Licenses > Your License
  3. In the “Downloads” section, download the latest version
  4. Go to “Plugins > Add New” > “Upload Plugin” to install it

Note: You don’t need to keep both versions active. If you are using the PRO, just disable the FREE version.

Important: Please check the Security documentation before going LIVE.