Activations are special entities that identify specific License Activation that happen from the REST API or My Account License screen.

Once you activate a license through the My Account area, or the REST API, the system creates entity called “Activation” that identifies that particular activation and stores important information like ip, user agent, time, etc.

Activations can be enabled or disabled.

Database organization

The following image (Figure 1) shows the database organization of the activations. It contains IP, User Agent, Dates, etc.

The property deactivated_at is of type DateTime (“Y-m-d H:i:s”) and if NOT NULL then it tells us the time it was disabled. If NULL then the activation is enabled.

Activation Tokens

Activation tokens are unique identifiers of each activation entry. Those can be used to further disable the activation, validate it and much more.

WordPress Admin

Activations could not be created from the WordPress admin or Digital License Manager screens because it doesn’t make sense to do so, but, they can be added through the REST API.